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As a leading financial institution with a strong presence in private wealth, we are working closely with our strategic partners offering the full spectrum of private banking services to our high-net-worth clients.
Private wealth

Our Services

To meet the complex needs of our clients, we are taking a holistic approach to manage your wealth. Keeping wealth preservation and growth as the core of what we do, we provide the most comprehensive investment advice to our clients both with in-house solutions as well as the best-performing financial products on the market.

We are also providing our clients with a range of other value-added services such as immigration advisory and landing services, accounting, tax planning, children’s education, estate planning, and succession planning.

private wealth

Our Team

With offices in Australia and China, we strive to ensure the geographic diversification of your wealth. Our international teams are dedicated to helping you navigate financial markets with confidence and a peace of mind.

Your personal wealth manager is your single point of contact for all your financing needs. We make it our priority to understand your family’s specific needs, and create an investment strategy tailored to your current circumstances and your future goals.

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