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Responsible Entity

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An overview

Oscar Oliver Capital Ltd holds an AFSL allowing it to act as responsible entity for registered schemes and trustee for unregistered schemes. We offer a unique solution in the market to investment managers looking to utilise our AFSL. The investment manager can choose a single service or combination of the above services.
Undertaking the Responsible Entity role
Fund Administration services for a fund

The relationship between all the parties involved in a Responsible Entity Service for Hire.

Why choose Oscar Oliver?

In the past, management team has worked with numerous investment managers to establish registered schemes in a variety of asset classes. The team is well-positioned to assist investment managers looking for a qualified and experienced Responsible Entity for hire.
Should you be seeking a Responsible Entity to assist with the establishment of a registered managed investment scheme. As well as acting as a Responsible Entity for hire for registered schemes, Oscar Oliver Capital can also offer its trustee services for unregistered schemes.
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