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Oliver Premium Income Fund

The Oliver Premium Income Fund covers a diverse range of fixed-income products, and our investment team actively participates in tracking bond ratings and industry evaluations. Through flexible investing, we strike a balance between risk control and achieving returns that surpass market benchmarks amidst the complex and ever-changing market dynamics.


This fund will track and consider typical macroeconomic variables, including GDP growth rate, CPI trends, absolute level, and growth rate of M2, interest rate levels, and trends, as well as various national policies such as fiscal, monetary, taxation, and exchange rate policies. These factors will be used to assess the current position of the economic cycle and its future direction. Based on this analysis, the fund will evaluate the risks and expected returns of various major assets and formulate the allocation proportions between different asset classes.



Highlights at a Glance:

  • Monthly Distributions for Steady Growth

  • Portfolio Diversity for Robust Resilience

  • Dedicated Investment Management

  • A Beacon of Capital Preservation


Your Journey with Us:

  • Originating Opportunities for Success

  • Diligent Evaluation: Our Due Diligence Review

  • Approved by Our Expert Investment Committee

  • Implementing Opportunities with Precision

  • Ongoing Vigilance through Post-Investment Management

  •  Navigating Investment Exits


Seize the Opportunity:

  • Embrace Open Fund Accessibility

  • Initiate with a Minimum Investment of $50,000

  • Align for at Least 12 Months

  • Our Strategic Investment Structure: Empowering Income-Producing Assets

  • Aiming for an Annualised Target Income Return of 8%

  • Experience Excellence with a 2% Annual Management Fee (exclusive of GST)

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