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Asset Management

The Fund, anchored in a steadfast commitment to investor success, diligently pursues reliable and consistent returns even within the ever-shifting tides of market dynamics. Our unwavering focus on effective risk management and unwraps the potential for flexibility, allowing us to navigate through changing scenarios with astute precision.

By harmonizing the best of both worlds, the Fund expertly combines time-tested traditional markets with the untapped potential of emerging markets. This strategic synergy empowers us to offer a truly diversified investment approach – one that harnesses the stability of established landscapes while embracing the untamed potential and opportunities that emerging markets present.

At the heart of our approach is a balanced pursuit of stability and growth. By strategically venturing into both traditional and emerging markets, we aim to not only weather uncertainties but to actively harness them for your benefit. Through this dynamic strategy, the Fund remains dedicated to safeguarding your investments and steering them towards the horizon of consistent, sustainable returns.

Wealth Management

In the rapidly changing financial markets, having flexible investment strategies, accurate market insights, and professional knowledge is crucial for families managing their own wealth. Managing complex family wealth in a flexible and comprehensive manner ensures the protection, optimization, and intergenerational transmission of family assets.

At Oscar Oliver Capital, we understand that each family is unique, requiring a diverse team of experts who can provide strategic guidance and support in various ways. We actively collaborate with financial planning partners to offer wealth management services for families, tailoring our services based on their life goals and circumstances at different stages.

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Discussion With Two People
Discussion With Two People

Business Consultation

Oscar Oliver Capital facilitates clients in attaining strategic objectives through comprehensive and globally recognized corporate consulting and capital raising guidance.


Trustee Service

In tight collaboration with partners, Oscar Oliver Capital's corporate advisory unit possesses profound insights into contemporary legal issues, business prospects, and risks. It delivers targeted strategic remedies to fulfill client requirements. Australia's autonomous Wholesale Trust Services team aids in forming wholesale trusts, undertaking continuous compliance and governance duties, and brings expertise in trustee replacements.


Capital Raising

Through close collaboration with an international network of government-backed funds, fund of funds, mutual funds, venture capital firms, private equity, and family offices, we are able to identify the highest quality global financing partners, providing timely solutions for our clients. We assist clients in meeting their fundraising needs at various stages of the financing lifecycle, from seed funding to exit financing.

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